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Work Examples 

At Katabi Glassworks, restoration and repair work is our bread and butter. We subscribe to the latest guidelines set forth by the Stained Glass Association of America and are up to date with and practice all historic art glass restoration techniques.


We assure the highest quality and standard for all work that moves through our studio. 

At Katabi Glassworks, we provide a wide variety of expert restoration services to all denominations and religions. We specialize in providing the full range of restoration and fabrication needs. Everything from resizing, re-leading, and repairing sacred windows to full fabrication and design. 

The team at Katabi Glassworks has worked on countless entries with custom doors, sidelights, and transoms.


We pride ourselves on our ability to enhance both historical and contemporary architecture and work closely with our clients to design windows which weave in their personal sensibilities and taste.

Bay windows are a common feature inside homes in Los Angeles and we have years of experience restoring and repairing windows like these. 

Diamond windows, also known as Tudor style windows, are a common design feature in windows throughout the world. We've got years of experience both fabricating and restoring these types of windows.

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