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We encourage the client to be involved in all steps related to the design of the windows but do not require it as we have a team of highly talented designers who are well-practiced in all aspects of window design. Clients will be led through the steps that go into making a beautiful stained glass window, including everything from:

  • drawing up a pattern and design, 

  • choosing the right colored glass and texture for the various parts of the window, 

  • determining the right lead sizes and overall size of the windows

  • and most importantly feeling out and nailing down the overall presence and feeling that the windows should have.


We are a full-service studio, with complete fabrication and installation available for all types of stained glass windows including everything from leaded, faceted, beveled, and triple-paned glass windows. With a commitment to the highest degree of artistic craft, Ori Hamburg, owner, and artist, hand builds each window with the utmost care and attention.

example of leading a window

Conservation & Restoration

We are highly accomplished in all facets of stained glass conservation and restoration. Whether it be:

  • color matching and replacing some broken glass in a window,

  • replacing and/or revitalizing the lead from a window

  • re-leading and/or resizing a leaded window,

  • and much more depending on the circumstance. 

Consevation & Restoration


We have extensive knowledge and experience in a full range of techniques for repairing art glass of all sizes and styles both on and off site. Including:

  • repair or replacement of broken glass,

  • replacement of degrading and or broken lead came,

  • correct bowing or bending in the window,

  • removal of windows from openings and boarding up window openings.

example of a repair
example of a repair


All consultations are free and we welcome you to reach out about any stained glass-related project you may be interested in pursuing.

Click this link to get access to the consultation form in order to get a detailed quote sent over to you ASAP. 

If you've got a quick question or would like to talk over the phone please don't hesitate to call or email. 

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